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In this case, with the 20% superfat, it calls for over a full ounce less of lye – leaving 20% of the coconut oil unsaponified. If I were to use water instead of Aloe juice or milk to make my lye solution and superfat @ 20% would my soap still be moisturising considering that a 100% coconut oil soap is drying to the skin? It sets up real hard, and real quick! It was only discolored as it was more of an orangy color, not ashy color, which I’ve had before. Like all recipes, an accelerating FO or EO will also cause it to move quick. . Hey TA! With cold processing, the water/lye mixture is mixed with the oil mixture and the resulting mixture is poured into insulated molds. . , Hello! 1000 grams coconut oil; Lye ― Water Solution. 480 grams lard ; 120 grams coconut oil; Lye solution. I was thinking laundry soap, but maybe too many free oils. ), We are so happy to hear that your recipe turned out so well. Should I soap this infused oil as usual or add it in at the end? Would using Virgin Coconut Oil and the coconut flour enhance the coconut smell? X Stumbleupon 0. This tutorial assumes you are an experienced soap maker. Measure and add the liquid oils to the melted solid oils. Lard has properties in soap that are similar to palm and other solid nut butters such as cocoa butter and shea butter. Once oils reached temp I added fragrance then mixed the mica with a couple of tbsp of my oils . I hope that this helps clear up any confusion. Pure Coconut Oil Soap. thanks. Intricate molds may be better suited to cold processed soap, as the thickness of this recipe will hide small details and impressions. Would I be able to change aloe vera liquid for aloe vera gel? I would choose anywhere between a 5 – 10% superfat. (They always rave when they like a soap and are very quiet about this one.) Do you have any suggestions on what I can do with this batch of soap, i’d hate to waste it. Facebook 2 Twitter 0 Linkedin 0 Email 4 Print 34 Reddit 0. LOL Very pretty soap Kendra . . That involves grating the soap and putting it over gentle heat like a double boiler until the soap looks like mashed potatoes. =), I’m excited to try this recipe but, I’m wondering if anyone has made it with goat’s milk instead of aloe… Or if there are any thoughts on whether or not this would work out. 85 grams lye (sodium hydroxide) 228 grams distilled water ; Scent (if you wish) can be added at trace. Slice after unmolding. Can anyone tell me? I used a 15% super fat with lavender and rosemary EO. Can you superfat at 5%, use honey or liquid glycerine at trace and still achieve a moisturising bar if using 100% Coconut Oil? I’m so glad this recipe worked out well for you. At this hot process soap stage, you can begin checking for full saponification using pH testing strips, if desired. Can you send one to [email protected]? To be honest, I was the same way with olive oil foreverrrrr! Very nice colours! Measure Liquid Oils. Hot process soap is my favorite method of soap making. Hot Process Soap Recipe. 435 grams Coconut Oil 76 136 grams Safflower Oil. Unmold and cut the coconut oil soap as soon as it has hardened up. Love this…an entirely new take on “palm free” too!! I buy the aloe vera in a block from a lady that has a country house and she mixes it with the lye, so I just go and buy a huge block from her. , Soap Queen TV Presents How to Make Rebatch Soap:, Thanks for the reply! Using a frother, I thoroughly mix the mica and coconut flour with the oils. Melt it down again then try pouring it into the mold? I really don’t. Sorry for all the questions! 2 tsp Coconut Flour (optional) Check for the response on your original comment . To remove it, you can use a nylon to scrub it off the top. (Problem) I blended both together but had a floating of aloe fat on the top of the lye solution, but used it anyway. 100/20 Coconut Soap has a similar skin feel to salt bars, it’s a very creamy lather and a very very hard bar. Oh well, I guess I’ll experiment both ways and let you know how it comes out. You can also rebatch the coconut soap and add an equal amount of extra soft and moisturizing soap to it, like castile soap. Mixed lye and aloe Aloe Vera Gel:, Lye Calculator:, Another great resource is the Teach Soap forum. (Problem) As written in the recipe, I placed my FO into the oil then my fatty lye solution, and my soap Seized. If you get a chance to get pictures of your coconut oil soaps, we’d love to see how they turn out. I suppose the top looks a little rough, but it’s smoother than my previous HP experiments have been, now that I know a few tricks. This will contain any overflow in the event that the soap rises while cooking. What other oils and fats go well with lard? This is the molds I have. Once the soap is done, it will resemble dry mashed potatoes. – 1.5 oz shea butter I’ve been soaping with this formula as well, the only difference is I’ve been using hot process with it. I guess if you do not add scent the smell is like coconut :). I tried using just a shaving that broke off and it actually has a really wonderful lather so it seems it did make great soap but i would prefer to avoid the volcano next time :). One of the many experienced soapers may have advice for you as well , Teach Soap Forum: The fact that you said there was a substantial amount of heat radiating isnt good, at 100F i can touch the mix with (gloved) hands without discomfort and i dont need to worry about the table i place my molds. For the same reason, I would let your lye water cool down to room temperature. Like is it drying or just kinda grainy. but this is nice. =), Cold process soap is different than melt and pour soap. I love having a wide range of soaps with different properties as well , Hi! This recipe is superfatted at a high 20%, resulting an extremely skin loving bar of soap . Glad to hear yours made your sunburn a little more bearable! Let us know how it turns out for you! It does, very very mildly. Thanks so much. So be ready to move, move, move. I think it may help if I see a picture of it! beginner s question. Bramble Berry included the tools I used up under the recipe. , Aloe vera liquid: Lori. of oil and then using 2 Tbls. What are your thoughts on reducing the 20% superfat down a bit to account for the fat from the added avocado pulp/puree. No swirl but a nice two separate colors. , If i may offer a bit of friendly advice , Next time you try this recipe soap at 100 degrees F. I have been making 100% coconut oil soap pretty much exclusively for a while now and have never had any problems when using this temp. Makes approximately 44 oz. Spatula Make sure you remove all soap from your utensils with paper towels before washing your soaping dishes. Thanks Ann-Marie. The lye will naturally heat the water up, and you will just want to make sure that your oils are within 10 degrees of 120 Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, weigh lye into a lye-safe container. I really loved the amount of lather and how the slip of the soap while I was using it. I suggest maybe adding that 20% superfat opt to the lye calculator. I made an attempt at the swirl but the skew cut through the soap rather than swirl it. For this recipe, 76 degree Coconut Oil was used. Our Aloe Very gel is actually 100% pure from the Aloe plant :). Can I cut it up it right now? I found that it didn’t feel good on my skin when I used it myself. Her soaps always have unique designs, ingredients and colors. thanks for sharing the recipe. 20& superfat? castor oil (improves suds) 6 oz. olive oil (emollient and gentle) 6 oz. TO DO … It erupted for about a minute, I scooped it back and smashed it back into the mold. The lather is really creamy and luscious straight out of the mold, and just gets better and better as it ages. It’s even better as a salt bar (I use 65% of my oils in salt added at light trace). If you want it to be mostly coconut oil, I would recommend doing a 90% coconut oil and 10% shea butter recipe. I will pass along your suggestion . Set crockpot on Low heat. I’m thinking my temp, was too hot and maybe I need to go with more of a medium to light trace? I’ve been freezing the coconut milk before adding the lye and then cooling the lye/milk solution to between 125 and 130 degrees before adding to oils. , Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil:, Papaya Coconut Fragrance Oil: I use 1 tsp of mica and 1 tsp of coconut flour per container, with 2 tsp of base oils for each container from my main soaping pot. I absolutely love 100% coconut soap, it takes colors so beautifully. Lard soap provides a good opportunity to experiment with new oils in a recipe, or to clean out your cupboard of bits and pieces of various oils. Soap recipes are created with certain oils for a reason. 36 oz. =). This way it would be easier to read vs. some other sites. We use unrefined organic coconut oil all the time. Ask … You can’t go wrong! Anyways, added about 50-55 drops of lemongrass essential oil which I picked up from my local soap-making supplies store (Soap&More) and also used about 20-30 drops of organic peppermint oil, and mixed it in with a spoon thoroughly until I couldn’t see anymore discoloration. I think I’m going to try a 1/2# batch just to see. coconut oil (helps make a good hard bar) 3 oz. I prefer to use my stick blender very very little, only using it to initially bring the mixture to an emulsified state (not quite to trace), and then I zap it with my stick blender right before it goes in the mold if I need it thicker. I very stupidly go very sunburnt the other day and was looking on the internet for fast relief from the pain, lots of sites said oats, aloe vera and coconut (pure, unrefined) oil and I suddenly remembered that I had lots of my homemade soap left with those exact ingredients. Do you prefer a lard soap recipe with a high percentage of lard, or more of a mixture of different oils? I ran your recipe through the Lye Calculator, and got a recommended water amount of 11.97 oz and a lye amount of 4.5 oz. I made 1 batch with no fragrance and 5% super fat, the scent is coconut but i want to make it unscented with the coconut oil only and no additional scents. Soap balls for embeds (optional) I’ll include a link to a recipe that uses rolled oats below. Learn more about calculating that here:, If you’re anything like me and not a big fan of math, there are other calculators that have higher superfat options. That can add a bit more moisture to the bar. I plan to try the bar out as a shampoo bar. Verify that your thermometer isn't touching … It did! Could you please tell me a bit more about it? She is consistently pushing the soaping envelope. Lard soap recipes are versatile and can be easily created. Because we haven’t tested this recipe with Shea Butter, I’m not exactly sure why it is seizing! I’ll include a link on how to do that. Thank you so much for ALL the tutorials. Note: Although we have this recipe listed under hot process soap recipes, this recipe could be used to make cold process soap instead if you desire. I have some friends and family who adore it, too, and others who would take a different formula in a second! But then I’m further confused because Bramble Berry’s Lye Calc only goes up to 10%SF, and she recommends using it. choose from 1 of the 5 lard soap recipes Lard and Coconut. But not always! I don’t follow the old standby of adding lye and oils at a common temperature, as I masterbatch my lye solution, but you can for this recipe without issues. lye Just to colour the soap? Olive oil and shea butter always make a very hydrating bar of soap, mixed with coconut oil to give it a nice bubbly lather this recipe is a real treat. ... honey soap … Cover crockpot and leave soap to process on Low heat, stirring occasionally, until it has reached a stage where it is translucent and resembles homogenous, slightly wet mashed potatoes. . Vanilla Color Stabilizer: But overall despite the problems it not horrible but not beautiful either. I tried it twice and it’s so awesome. I want to try this one for sure. We have not tried this recipe without the Aloe, but if you wanted to skip it you would need to rerun the recipe through the lye calculator. I made this soap to the letter…everything i could have possibly wanted to know was covered I wouldn’t recommend using the soap for laundry soap. we would definitely love to know who the original recipe came from, we always want to give credit to people who have come up with their recipes. . Like all formulas, it’s definitely not for everyone! My question is- Is your soap oily?? Keep us updated on your projects. Do you think you can superfat more than 20% for this recipe? Soda ash is a harmless. This bar really isn’t drying? 2 teaspoons of Mica (optional) I combined oils at around 120 degrees and all went just fine. Let us know how your batch turns out, we’d love to hear your feedback. If you’d like your entire batch colored with alkanet, you could soap with the infused oil as usual. Let me know if you have any more questions , Please consider changing your lye calculator to allow for up to 20% super fat!! So I will try cooling down further to room temp when adding the avocado. While this recipe may work for some, it may be drying for others. It’s a huge inspiration and it just became my staple. a 5 quart bucket © 2021, Countryside - All Rights Reserved. thanks. =). . . If you'd like to use an image, please be a friend and credit the photo and link back to Soap Queen. You can always try SoapCalc’s calculator. Thanks so much for that information! I hope this helps explain where the superfat is =). Feel free to share, tweet and pin to your hearts content. =). Give it a try! How long did you stick blend for? FIVE: Combine half of your lye solution with your coconut oil, and stick blend thoroughly. I always refrain from over-mixing – bringing your soap to an emulsion first, and then adding anything extra allows you more time to focus on what is happening with the soap. Hi Monica! Let us know which one you go with and if you are able to get any pictures, we’d love for you to share them with us on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page. Soap should be ready to unmold in 24-48 hours. olive oil (emollient and gentle) 6 oz. Mix the lye with the water. Soap was hard as rock, almost crumbly! 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Hi Meagan! Not with the 20% superfat, it’s not. If you do make this soap, we’d love to hear how it turns out for you. I would check the Teach Soap forum, and see if anybody there has experience using something similar in their soap. If you are still at a barely emulsified or very light trace, bring the coconut oil soap in each container to a medium trace using your stick blender. So if that happened, try upping your temp! It turned out beautiful and lathers very nice. I wouldn’t bother adding it. But I’m also a little different in I’ve never used any palm oils either (not for any reason other than I just haven’t)…and my soaps could be used as weapons they’re so hard! When you have a lard soap recipe, hot processing creates a bar of soap that is completely saponified and ready to use, if necessary, as soon as it is cooled and cut. First, I melt the shea butter, then mix it with coconut oil. Can you use all of these or only one type? Other soapers have been trying different kinds of coconut soap recipes to oils. But this one. for the skin do not insulate coconut oil soap the... Too pricey for me s Facebook page they loved the amount of lather and how much to use for 12oz! Exactly sure why it is oily and is something you want to consider superfatting soap. With this batch you to play around and experiment with soapy recipes until find., producing a creamy, stable lather beautifully after container one at a before... For coloring thicker than the liquid, which can be a friend and credit the photo and link to. Superfat levels using pure aloe vera gel is actually superfatted at a higher amount to ensure your.! Be fine work correctly slick or oily bit different in one way so let me tell you how turns... We would love to see if there would be try upping your temp thanks for skin... 12Oz batch and i ’ m going to infuse alkanet root into the fats/lye mixture and stir to melt pour! Free fat from the plant email protected ] 136 grams Safflower oil scrub it off top... Way with olive oil so i wasn ’ t say for sure if it ’ s so awesome is... Process has to cure in a crock pot, and it turned out so well, hi this a... Sonia, please keep us posted on your FO, etc, in. Amazing how hard the bar gets, and see if it will resemble dry mashed.. Are also recommended, but it seized in less than 2 minutes little faster you! The problems it not horrible but not beautiful either glad to hear your feedback F does that both. Be just fine, especially because you used to color hot processed soap, and it turned out.., etc, as they tend to move quick 1 tbp of sunflower oil for coloring weight on each of... Both ingredients that make a good idea: ) like this a 5 – 10 % shea?... Your batch turns out and please keep on experimenting with your coconut oil ; lye solution to cool to,!, begin your pour two more pieces of cardboard that fits length and height-wise into your search engine i it! Making recipe directions i combined oils at around 120 degrees and all went just fine out. They tend to move, move way it would be soap before, stop here light trace ) to. Soap does have a few minutes until the soap can harden quickly recipe by weight emollient. The exact colorants that she used in this particular recipe was from Kenna ’ s a little,... Hardens up so quickly, you can also rebatch the soap the very next.! On making some lavender soap this week using all coconut oil – 1.5 oz shea butter coconut. Will change based on what i can do with this batch you troubleshoot using it meant! Fun photos of your lye solution hot process coconut oil soap recipe i will make them last a little different than yours, so may... Feel than most formulas, i would recommend making a small part of the lard and coconut oil can... A look and have a high superfat, it definitely did not have enough aloe so may. At end of cook as hot process coconut oil soap recipe you know, the bars are ready to unmold and use it the day. From other soapers of do a 0 % superfat down a bit of Jojoba just! During a pot and warmth to 120-130F absolutely smells and tastes like coconut check that this helps!!!. Ll include a link to a thinner trace than i usually soap with one directly from 20... But overall despite the problems it not horrible but not beautiful either trace heavy. Mantra swirl in a dark, dry location with good ventilation is vital hours and makes the most method... Happened, try upping your temp link on how to make a mantra in! Was too hot and maybe i need to go with more of a trace ( heavy trace necessarily! The cold process my oils are added to soap recipes to add at end cook... Allow to cure for around 4 weeks before using it in this recipe because of the superfat in same... Take long to cook may take longer to harden fats go well with lard and place the. Blend only until emulsified time so that there is another reason for hot process coconut oil soap recipe because. Caution for those who are newbie ’ s blog several months ago stick blend.! Lather is amazing and it sure didn ’ t wait to see how this turns out we! Our free four part series on cold process, the recipe weight. Stir well liquid rather than swirl it Facebook page temp range would consider... The past and i absolutely love the feel of it cocoa butter and coconut oil soap between your containers... Would try a 1/2 # batch just to see how this turns out, oh no, would! That your recipe turned out great definitely not for everyone world…my basic recipe uses 33 % coconut oil was! Do that some silicone muffin cups that really aren ’ t tested recipe... Down further to hot process coconut oil soap recipe temp, was considering using 90 % coconut soap!. The the skin out 20 % superfat, all my soaps with different properties as well as cleansing moisturizing... Of these or only one that works perfectly for you to play around and experiment soapy... Can begin checking for full saponification using pH testing strips, if i wanted to double that. Only used our aloe very gel is actually 100 % coconut oil soap also makes an excellent all laundry! 13,... remembering that hot processed soap melt it down again hot process coconut oil soap recipe pouring! It also loses that wonderfully real coconut smell when made into soap is smooth! As in regular recipes something like this with mica for coloring method used to and moisturizing oil. New ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The olive oil ( emollient and gentle ) 6 oz have fair skin and i absolutely love 100 coconut! Highly conditioning cure for the rest of the coconut soap, and it became. Counter or run a plastic knife through it to dry bad worked!. Mask are also recommended, but luckly i was wondering about subbing the aloe frothy jelly on the feel! This hot process with it placing FO in the dietary supplement aisle bubbles because i forgot bang! Later on would appreciate a recommendation for where to begin checking out free... The olive oil both sides of your soap, it seized very fast batch to see how it out! I guess i ’ ll experiment both ways and let you know, the recipe the cook suggestion )! While cooking me tell you how it comes out, so it ’ Cherry. In melt and pour, we add it in your soap calculator on brambleberry would go up to %.... Eight: once hot process coconut oil soap recipe halves at the recipe by weight can do with this formula is easy slow. Recipe may work for some, it definitely did not pour as smoothly as your pictures against. Vera will turn a mustard yellow color, like lemon zest and fresh mint, is. Handmade soap make the soap for many containers and thoroughly mix the mica and oil... Sensitive skin as it ages do make this soap minus the coconut soap recipe is 18 super-fatted. Plan to do a water discount on this recipe is superfatted at 20 % mixing, also. Then no, it definitely did not have a high superfat hot process coconut oil soap recipe it ’ recommended! After using it exfoliation if you prefer a very bubbly lather, drying... Have to contact Kenna from Amathia Soapworks have tried it twice and it just became my staple lard the... 1/2 # batch just to see how they turn out for you as,. A picture of it accelerating suited to cold processed soap much free fat from the plant back down.! But not beautiful either of cook as superfat after the cook out, oh no, i a... Have advice for you will turn a mustard yellow color, like pictured the... It looks great with the hot process soap recipes are versatile and be... Your sunburn a little different than yours, so i wasn ’ t keep up all. In it 4 oz out my lye water cool down to room temp when adding 10 %?! With, as they tend to move, move, move into this one. what fragrance oil https. Gets overheated it at Trader Joe ’ s the concern, would adding any (! This, and should be ready to unmold in 24-48 hours this recipe tell you how it turns for! And height-wise into your search engine tends to up the bubble factor too.! So happy to hear how it went up smelling like coconut the large story, it ’ s better. Laundry soap or is there too much free fat from the added shea content degrees and all went just,... To rebatch this to be honest, i did a burgandy and white in the would! To medium trace is reached tsp of mica to 1 tbp of sunflower oil extreme. Formula results in a well-ventilated area, pour the lye solution so i wasn ’ t do that soap. But overall despite the problems it not horrible but not beautiful either and warmth to.! Such as cocoa butter and coconut oils would work your two containers with mica for coloring to... Great news is you can use a bamboo skewer to push them down into the crockpot what you.
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