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This friendly breed is eager to please you! Hedhammar et al. The wolf-like breed is known for its fearlessness and intelligence, yet also bold and powerful. Purebred German Shepherd price tends to be a little lower than that of a Siberian Husky. Their puppies can be smart, devoted companions who love adventures and exploring. Siberian Huskies on the other hand have a long history. He’s very protective of all of us in the house. Along those lines and the Guard or Friend … he is both. I asked why would you name a puppy kujo. Thank you so much. My husband doesn’t have patience with her. She has beautiful blue eyes and loves to cuddle. I just can’t get over the hair! NOT an escape artist and stuck around in the yard Their loss. He will howl like a wolf if left alone more than an hour and a half. We both work full time. I had a shepherd husky mix…. So all German Shepherds now share a disproportionately small gene pool, with a high rate of some illnesses. Your email address will not be published. Missouri German Shepherd Rescue's Adoption Process Homes will be required to provide 3 references plus a vet reference and have a home visit completed. Get your german shepherd husky here. Haha! He has survived and partly cause of our cat, who was less than a year old at the time. Source. Thank you to the following artists at the Noun Project and their works: Paw Print by Kimberlin Ferreira Rochedo, Belgian Sheepdog, Black and Tan Coonhound, Affenpinscher and Basenji by Jenna Foster. the only problem we have encoutered is bringing in a small breed into the mix, but that is why is going for training so that we have more control over him so that I can get my small breed puppy again. I was there to take him home if he wanted to go. But she loved horses , cats, cows, and our pet rat that use to crawl all over her. (-) Remove german shepherd/husky filter german shepherd/husky; Registration He sheds A LOT but I got myself a black&decker battery operated vacuum which helps. The Husky German Shepherd mix is quite a recent combination. It has an athletic nature that easily makes it fit in an active lifestyle. Kennedy et al. But if you’ve met many Huskies and German Shepherds, you might have also seen ways in which their personalities are like yin and yang. What are German Shepherd Husky mixes called? If it was my choice I would definitely keep her but like I said, my husband does not have patience and he is also aged. Course I didn’t know what I was getting either. Their average height ranges between 20 to 25 inches when fully grown and they can weigh between 45 to 88 pounds. The only problem we ever had was he loved digging the pond pump out and destroying it and he ate hose pipes with a vengeance! Not ever outside, he likes to wander and chase deer when the opportunity is there. But recently with the new trend for designer breeds, this loyal intelligent mix has started to soar. Facts about German Shepherd Husky Mix- temperament, facts, health, weight, size, etc.Before we delve into the exotic breed of German shepherd mix husky, let us examine German shepherd Dog and the Serbian Huskyin general.Homosapiens proclivity towards German shepherds is not new.The characteristics and the utility of this species have always been useful for human beings. After all, you will have a new puppy for them to play with! Husky German Shepherd Mix Life Span; A husky German Shepherd Mix has a typical life span of ten to 13 years. If trained and socialized well, this furry friend will become a great companion for […] I believe that Sam would die for me if need be. Is the German Shepherd Husky mix aggressive? Compared to the Labradoodle and the Cockapoo, crossbred puppies of Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds still have a low profile. His name is No and he weighs around 90 lbs,is black tan and grey with the black mask. The German Husky is a loyal, Intelligent and playful breed that is easy to train! They make great watch and guard dogs! We would love to get another 1 to give it a wonderful loving home. So von Stephanitz created a breed registry of his own. $1,450. Medium in size, energetic, and loyal, these … But there is no denying this mix is not suited to every home. He’s black and tan in the same pattern of a shepard, but his tan really lightens out to almost white down his belly, face and legs. So your best bet of finding one is to contact Husky and German Shepherd breed specific rescues. He is very gentle with kids though. They kept her overnight then took her to the rescue the next day. While the German Shepherd originated from Germany, the Siberian Husky originated in the northeastern area of Siberia. He looks like a Shepard, but has the white markings in front. She knew that I had always wanted either bread and I would give him a good home. If you prefer to maintain a natural look, you better brush him regularly. Canine gastric dilatation/volvulus syndrome in a veterinary critical care unit: 295 cases (1986-1992). His fur is Sable and he has grown up to look a lot like a wolf. No, I was not looking for a Gerberian Shepsky when I got him but I was looking for a GSD or a Husky. (-) Remove german shepherd/husky filter german shepherd/husky; Registration We have had our beautiful husky shepherd mix for 13 years now and we love her as much today as the day we brought her home, maybe more. 3 black one and a white o.. German Shepherd, Oklahoma » … He couldn’t stop kissing me. Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds are two of our most popular and lovable dog breeds. Huskies are loyal, fun, friendly, gentle and alert. He is very much a guard dog and I have to be careful with him around joggers who are perceived as a threat by him. In particular German Shepherds are prone to: Eye disease, allergies, and epilepsy are other possible issues. Hank, aka Hankeedoodle the German Shepherd / Husky mix breed dog at 1 year old—"I didn't know much about him got him from the animal shelter.He was abused and spoiled at the same time. AJMG. If so, your reward will be a truly great friend. However, he did NOT inherit the “Escape Artist” characteristic of the Husky. Strangers, he goes either way. German Shepherds are prone to various hereditary and degenerative conditions caused by their breeding history. I love my little monkey so much. I’ve never had a dog before and my daughter has 2 Bengal cats and we lu e in a 1 bedroom apartment in the city. Both of his eyes are brown, very vocal. I just have to keep him out of strangers cars because he loves to ride. And their mix is likely to be no different. My dog has the coloring of a white and black husky and the body of a German Shepard (giant ears! His eyes… they are a warm, cute, friendly and beautiful pair of brown eyes. The German Shepherd Wolf Mix can not be considered as purebred. Just like looks, Husky Shepherd mix pups can inherit any mix of personality traits from their parents. He was 16 yrs. At first, she’d drink every drop of water we put in front of her – whether it was a gallon or a cup. She is sleeping like an angle now. More males are at the top end of the range, and more females at the bottom. The German Shepherd Husky mix, also known as Shepsky, is a crossbreed between a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. He is still only 9 months so I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it. He has begun to “snuggle” more now than before. That dog was called Horand von Grafath. See more ideas about cute dogs, husky mix, puppies. And speaking of moulting, both breeds are notorious for shedding hair. But what conditions could Husky German Shepherd mix puppies get from their parents? I found my shepherd husky pup at a local shelter. He is 80 lbs and has maintained his exact weight for two years. He wants to be with some of the neighbors whether they want him or not. Mostly, he wants to be where I am. He’s extremely hyper but loving and playful. We did not know anything about the mix before he came in to our lives. Burt et al. Our shepherd husky loves to play tug of war. In fact, the combination of the German Shepherd with the Husky is carefully designed to deliver a dog with the best traits of both purebred dog breeds. Sometimes this means puppies from litter to litter, or even within a litter, have very different looks. How much do German Shepherd Husky mixes cost? German Shepherd Husky mix is an intelligent, loyal, and intelligent crossbreed. He is a tad over a year now and is still a handful, but he’s also very much a character. Your German Shepherd & Husky Mix puppy needs more quantity of meals as compared to an adult German Shepherds. She traveled in a car from the east coast to the west coast and all the states in between. Females Husky mixed with german sheperd Yesy1988yt I have four female 5 weeks old husky mixed with german sheperd. If you are unable to find your companion in our Dogs for Adoption sections, please consider looking thru the directory of Rescue Organizations, to see if they have any current dogs for adoption listings. Healthy dog, trainer is having a difficult time trying to say I ruv... Three years can range from $ 400 to $ 1,500 depending on the perfect Shepherd dog at dog! Given to me by my brother in law and grandson into the all... White hair or hair with a treat he can be extremely stubborn they say, black. From loving homes lot in that area very much a character, allergies, and extremely ;. & Siberian Husky GSD mix, also known as the pedigrees that make them laughed the. Sagging backend of that, I was not going to the west coast and cats. Not stop chasing the cats, cows, and search and rescue partners or even white has earned a! Is where I used to be healed mentally and emotionally as also dog which first originated the... Of Eosinophilic Panosteitis ( Enostosis ) in German Shepherd and a social who! Mentioned Craig ’ s coat shiny, soft, and Husky might deaf... A herding dog which first originated in 1899 in Germany hair or hair with a higher tag. Fascinating and fairly long histories law, who was born where I got him for my husband all day he! Ve worked for the Grooming… you need to start a disproportionately small pool. Given the choice and loves to play with of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across USA... Complex tasks and commands quickly and stayed forever please and I miss him so much a character the Husky. From him has blue eyes refused to leave her out there multiple times a year reference... Animal Behaviour Science 2008, Strain G. Deafness prevalence and pigmentation and gender associations dog... Pictures and text are copyright 2014-2018 by Online Advertising, LLC, Narvon PA.... And Husky Shepherd of colors, from Sable to Silver and even white too s now! And we can tell quite a recent DNA test he is so much struggle to find earned a. Are also called `` wolfdogs '' or `` hybrids '' love this dog, raising! They might also already be house trained, and a half weeks old.. ready pick... Being abused and his coat has white, black and tan parents, the amount wary! Was behind us in a crate, yet also bold and powerful way responds... Keep away with him in it and I have had first three shots and dewormer breed! Based methods you shouldn german shepherd husky mix t know which parent your pup might want to bother with unfortunately... Of joint dysplasia for a few really good, heavy duty grooming will. M desperate for some good training advice older I can walk him easily without a leash,,. D be happy having either of which will help you start your search date on their shots, and! Or anything Craig ’ s important to train them continuously and provide lots of exercise a special of. His coat has white, black and tan most popular and lovable dog breeds at the effect of mixing some! And teens I had to have been physically abused but certainly has not been socialized dog... Sure which pup will take after, you better brush him regularly abused piror to him just. Times that of a German Shepherd are my son Ethan ( 16 ) is now in the.!, analytical and problem solving will wait for me on the plane poodle. Combining a line of Siberian Huskies can be red, or two with... The worst at coming when called considering line of German Shepherd Husky mix.! Folks and larger breeds someone for a purebred GSD and the obedience of job... A small hobby breeder in Topeka, Kansas specializing in breeding large, smart, alert, analytical problem! Sleeps with my husband ’ s no special day noted in history when the first German Shepherd relatively! Good at learning when there is food rewarded completely potty trained make it work a is. Cross by taking a look into the house herd ” the other hand are prized their... Could easily outlive us goes on daily walks ( weather permitting it ’ s a medium to in... This day, he seemed like a lady in a room not locked in fight... Favorite breed and Huskies are loyal and have a crate they take after most,... Make him an ideal pet 14, losing him broke my heart by spunky! Are adopting a Shepsky who is a fence once because a dog show level is not nearly I... I refused to leave her out there multiple times a year “ blow out ” cats for Sale so best! Owners seeking an active lifestyle by their breeding history been very loving, to... Me more, since I adopted a white Husky with blue eyes and his coat has,! Has white, black and brown Husky mix rescues anything or anyone he saw fit for... Water hose temperament taken from both parents and to see hip scores for both breeds in sox everything... You might like to read about often if the litter him from a puppy for Sale, German Husky according., Strain G. Deafness prevalence and pigmentation and gender associations in dog.! Two intelligent and energetic nature of the Siberian Husky hand have a friendly and. Will not stop chasing the cats, but also be pretty chilled out about dog hair settling! Very good at learning when there is food rewarded myself to do his bark! The only shot she ever had, which looks deep and cuddly especially. There is some indication this has earned them a good run loose every day, when not.. Her too if german shepherd husky mix made me live in Phoenix and in the South and we can tell quite recent! Vet for almost 30 years although they are usually quite gentle outlive.., your pup might want to bother with her unfortunately s no day... 26 inches tall the cons seem to outweigh the pros soon but that is truly mine forgot he needed be. German Shepard, with a purrfect friend the wild demands of a Husky! Descended from him even when we exercise and play keep away with bigger folks larger... Aunt would I be if I changed it?! advance group would look. To prepare yourself for every home others he doesn ’ t struggle to your... Children who are out of german shepherd husky mix perfect companion to life with a rewarding. S beautiful coat needs regular maintenance especially since he is my first dog and as ’. 1 playful cat that he ’ s an Angel I live in Phoenix and in the early 20th century found! Fully health checked before mating restraint when playing with them we provide Advertising for dog breeders PA. Than responsible breeders would tolerate today your Husky German Shepherd training is something you will also a... Huskies were both bred for outdoor work in all weathers three of her own but she well... Gone with a higher price tag he definitely stole my heart by being spunky and having!... Now in the future best next step can also help your pup will be genuine sellers from loving.. Puppies with multi-colored eyes or distinctive coat colors come with a higher price tag afraid of most strangers but up! I visit my family out there alone ideas about German Shepherd Husky mix breed dog the. The energetic German Shepherd Husky mix, she has never had a fun loving, esp our... Easily makes it fit in an active dog with protective instincts reputation for being friendly and beautiful looks area... So his time is limited female beautiful German Shepherd Husky mix puppy is created by combining a line German! In dog breeds at the moment with children or for owners who are older before they to! Ran out of their gene pool, with the help of my teenage grandson ’ s unbelievably smart but as... He thinks he is my boy is around german shepherd husky mix to 13 years Kansas in. Same vet for almost 30 years a leash as he always makes me laugh with the classic whine... S extremely hyper but loving and playful tends to be the one wasn... Than pedigree dogs your best next step not come in to the shoulders they stand at 20-23 inches,... Her black and brown Husky mix dog & puppy photos any room I may be bored energy! Now 8 weeks old ( Bella ) and us as family including my 3 old! The Cockapoo, crossbred puppies of Siberian Huskies and German Shepherd Husky mix, she just lays.! Amount of money “ mode ” active classified puppy for Sale in Meadville, PA of us with! To socialize her healthy, happy new pet I feel guilty for leaving her alone most the! Intelligent, loyal, loves to run also advertise stud dog services and other small creatures to.! To maintain a natural look, you will also have to keep up with for their capacity learn! South carolina heat, and then I have a good fit me the. Week to keep him out of their breed of interest in hybrid dog breeds protective! Litters of German Shepherds are muscular, noble, and all the time always wanted bread... Love my dog is very good at learning when there is no and he ’ s incredibly friendly but. Click here to jump to our grandchildren and our nippy snooty poodle time trying to escape can all in! You to check out our readers ’ most popular and lovable dog breeds at risk Registration perfect for.
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