This might sound shocking for a cereal that is made with chocolate and marshmallows, but it’s not terribly unhealthy for you. Golden Nuggets Breakfast Cereal From The United Kingdom. The best recipes, kitchen tips and genius food facts. These are 10 of the healthiest cereals on the market. At least it gave us this. Just to be clear: none of the cereals below are bad or "worst." Much better than you remember, and they hold up better in milk than Chex. Maybe the favorite of kids everywhere, Lucky Charms is good because even the non-marshmallow bites still taste good. Questionable apostrophe usage aside, this is one of the most delicious cereals of all time. And you can’t argue with science. Peanut butter makes for a great cereal flavor, but this version of the classic cereal is just a little too peanut-buttery, which sounds crazy but this is a cereal that needs a better balance. Until they get soggy that is, and then they are gross. Long live the cinnamon-flavored King, the most perfect cereal ever devised by men or gods. But there’s a reason it went away in the first place–it’s an inferior version of one of the greatest cereals ever. 1, while it’s not my favorite cereal brand, it is very popular. By Mallory Creveling 10. +33 5 34 50 47 36 | Monday-Friday: 10AM-3PM +33 5 34 50 47 36 | M-F: 10AM-3PM B2B Maybe, but cereal is meant to be eaten with milk, and Rice Chex taste better on their own. Click Here For The America’s 10 Most Sugary Cereals Slideshow. IRI, a Chicago … Here's a list of the Top 10 Breakfast Cereals America Wished They Had. On the one hand, it doesn ' t get much better than the delicious Lucky Charms marshmallows, but, on the other hand, the rest of the cereal tastes like cardboard cut into weird shapes. Honey Nut Cheerios 3. The best “adult” cereal in the world. Best SEO Companies reached out recently with some fun facts. Valdez’s short list includes Special K Protein Cereal, featuring 10 grams of protein per 3/4 cup serving, relatively low sugar (7 grams) and adequate fiber (3 grams). Apparently to be a champion your breakfast has to taste like rough cardboard. Plus, they are basically the anti-Cocoa Puff, which earns them extra points in my book. That’s just science. If you’re a fan of cereal (who isn’t? But Raisin Bran is legit, whether you’re a kid or an adult. Power lunch… The High Priest from Burger’s Priest. There are plenty of high-fiber, low-sugar options out there, and some of them are actually pretty tasty. If Fruity Pebbles, which is almost a perfect cereal eating experience, is ranked eighth, that’s an amazing compliment for the next seven. Ditto that last thing, but plus cinnamon. Cinnamon Toast Crunch 6. The best Cheerios by far. No, I can’t? You have to speed eat it or you end up with a bowl of mush. Kix suffers from a very strange problem: once you open the bag you need to eat the entire box in a week or they’ll get so stale you can chip a tooth on them. Although this cereal has no trans fats or high fructose corn syrup, it should not be consumed on the regular. Too low? A bowl of these little fake maple bombs probably contains more sugar than a bowl of ice cream. This list represents the top 100 most popular breakfast cereals of all time as voted by visitors to The Cereal Project at Top 10 Must-Visit Natural Wonders January 12, 2021 Space Top 10 Giant Facts About the Dwarf Planets January 11, 2021 History Top 10 Reasons The Dark Ages Were Darker Than You Think January 11, 2021 Music Top 10 Songs That Evoke Powerful Emotions January 8, 2021 History Top 10 Law Enforcement Agencies Of The Ancient World January 8, 2021 Technology Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids with low standards. by. At least they don’t the lie about champions eating it. ©2021 Verizon Media. This cereal is notable for a couple of reasons: one is the super smooth Sugar Bear mascot. How can they stuff so much magic inside those tiny Os? If you know your stuff, you’ll know that breakfast shouldn’t be skipped and is often said to be your ‘most important meal of the day‘. I’ve been told these can be hard to find, but man they are worth the hunt. Might rank higher if a better brand didn’t exist. Can I interest you in some edible wood flavored with way too much honey? Honey Bunches of Oats packs 10 grams of whole grains per serving, as well as nine essential vitamins and minerals. 1. Froot Loops kick off the list of top 10 most sugary cereals. GUESS WHICH SIDE IS WHICH. None of the other flavors they sell even come close. We would prefer nothing to this cereal, which is most famous for a series of not-that-clever commercials. We've already laid out the worst cereals of all time, and recommended that you not stuff any of that garbage in your face -- especially not first thing in the morning. Life 10. We all know we only eat Lucky Charms for those puffy pillows of goodness, and that ' s just not enough to classify it as an objectively good cereal. Frosted Flakes The single most underrated cereal finally gets its due. Now available at Canada's Online Candy Store and we Ship across North America. And you can trust me because my name is Mikey. Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2. Frosted Mini Wheats 9. When I think of breakfast cereal, this is what I think of. Therefore, in Top 10 Cereals In America, we normally give detailed comments on product quality while suggesting to customers the products that are most suitable for them in price. Quaker Quisp. Cereal blockbusters: America's top 10 best-selling brands. The top 10 cereal brands. Better as a dry snack. They are dramatically better than regular Kix, and for reasons I don’t understand they also don’t go stale as quickly. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. It’s also perfectly sweetened, makes it okay to eat chocolate for breakfast, and results in the absolute best leftover milk. Lucky Charms is quite the conundrum. Not exciting, but sometimes really satisfying. Not to exaggerate, but if you’ve never tried it you’ve wasted your life. If you are not a current Alpha, There Is Now a Pod Machine That Makes Ice Cream, Fancy ’90s Ice Cream Cake Viennetta Returning to Stores, Build Your Own Edible Chocolate Bonsai Tree, IKEA Releases Gingerbread Höme Instruction Kit, Fancy '90s Ice Cream Cake Viennetta Returning to Stores, This Is What a Record Made Out of Chocolate Sounds Like, DIE HARD's John McClane Becomes a Delicious Cake, Cinnabon Is Selling Pints of Frosting for First Time Ever, Ben & Jerry's Punch Line Ice Cream Comes with a Joke Hotline, Puking Kitty Gravy Boat Won't Pour a Hairball. This best-selling breakfast cereals company has more than 500 professionals working to make and sell the best breakfast cereals for diabetics. Lucky Charms is tricky because it's one half best cereal of all time, and one half worst. Still the best cereal to make a necklace out of, ever. Breakfast cereal is one of those great equalizers in life, that can help you find something in common with just about anyone. Granted, many of us aren’t completely puritanical, but the over-the-top sweetness of some of the cereals on the market just might surprise you. They hold perfectly in milk, taste awesome, and produces one of the best post-eating flavored milks to drink. The box makes it look healthy, but it is not. For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of consuming Quisp, we’d describe it as Cap’n Crunch, but without tearing up the top of your mouth. A cereal so good it makes raisins tasty. To vote for your favorites, visit any individual cereal page on the site and click the vote button. Also, if you don't see a cereal on this list or on the worst list, that means that it is a middling, forgettable cereal, regardless of its marketing prowess or ubiquity -- I'm looking at you, Cheerios. A nice balance of sweetness without feeling like too much of a kid’s cereal, and they sing to us. Adults and kids alike will love our selection of American cereals, pancake mixes, syrups, toaster pastries, cereal bars, drink mixes, and oatmeal! So we can’t imagine anyone will have any problems with it. Frosted Flakes 4. Raisins are basically spoiled wine turned into an edible rock. 21-Jul-2013 - Last updated on 23-Jul-2013 at 08:55 GMT . In a survey, over one thousand Americans voted for their all-time favorite cereal brand. Want to read more from HuffPost Taste? Did anyone else eat these by trying to bite them rice half clean off the corn half? But I ate the hell out of them when I was a teenager and I would probably still do it. Corn Pops tastes good, isn’t cloying, and has a nice, satisfying crunch. No other cereal sings to us. ), you’ll love these cool facts and learning about America’s favorite cereal. Almonds, granola clusters, and crispy flakes fill every delicious spoonful. They are all breakfasts I'd happily engage in on a regular basis. Cheerios 2. They are all breakfasts I'd happily engage in on a regular basis. 9. It’s like they looked at Nut & Honey and said, “What if we used those flavors to make a cereal that isn’t terrible?”. What product criteria are often mentioned in Top 10 Cereals In America? Corn Flakes are totally fine if they are all you have, but they are basically the foundation of a house without any part of the house installed yet. By 2025, it's expected to be worth more than $54 billion.However, despite the growing popularity, the cereals that have been around for decades are still the most popular. Just 3/4 cup of Lucky Charms contains 110 calories, 10 grams of sugar, just 2 grams of fiber and protein each. Here they are: 1. It has its fans who got General Mills to bring it back in the U.S. a few years ago. Around here, we like to say that classics are classics for a reason. Golden Nuggets is kind of like Corn Pops and Captain Crunch... 2. top ten breakfast cereals Cheerios — Introduced by General Mills on May 1, 1941 as the first oat-based, ready-to-eat cold serial; original name CheeriOats changed to Cheerios in 1946 due to a trademark dispute with Quaker Oats. He is constantly fending off attacks, cool-as-you-please, on his Golden Crisp cereal… 10 Best Healthy Cereals to Enjoy for Breakfast, According to Dietitians These low-sugar cereals are high in fiber and pack some protein. They are also one of the only foods on earth I would ever describe as "slimy in a good way.". Rumor has it that the modern iteration of this cereal has. These are the weirdest shape and harken back to a time where eating a bowl full of corn for breakfast seemed like a great idea. Definitely the best of the seasonal Halloween Monster cereals. Questions? A classic but a goodie. The best “grown-up” cereal that still tastes good, but the regular kind isn’t great, just decent. There is something about the way the milk gets trapped inside each one that makes them stand out. Would rank a lot higher if they didn’t become absolutely vile the second you finished all the marshmallows. When I was a kid I used to think to myself, "When I'm a grown up, I'm going to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch whenever I want to, since my mom won't let me eat it for breakfast." This is a total Chex rip-off, but somehow they did it better. Made of pure blueberry concentrate and too much sugar for any human to safely consume, this is scarier than most horror films. So to celebrate our favorite breakfast food that we also frequently eat for lunch, dinner, and at three a.m., we’re ranking the top 50 kinds. A great tasting cereal with a nice, crunchy texture that holds up, and the milk that is leftover is awesome. You really can't go wrong. I don't, but I, As one of our editors put it, "so much cinnamon, you actually kind of choke on it.". Co-Owner and Sandwich Pusher at Pop+Dutch. As a vendor, we understand that besides quality, price is of utmost concern to consumers. I have not eaten this cereal in probably a decade, which is going to change asap. This cereal has a little bit of everything. A bowl of cereal that is literally a bunch of cookies dunked in milk should be amazing, but these are basically flat rocks. Cheerios get the job done, so long as the job is to have an average bowl of cereal. But even if you gained five pounds for every bowl you ate it would be worth it. 9. Kashi 7 Whole Grain Flakes Cereal is also on the list, with 6 grams of protein per 1-cup … My first choice would be Frosted Flakes, I think it’s a timeless cereal, … Fruity Pebbles Ate cereal for breakfast. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Kellogg's. It's basically a kinder, gentler Cap'n Crunch that doesn't cut the roof of your mouth to shreds. Pales in comparison to the line’s best version, and almonds are pretty blah so they don’t help the flavor profile. A bit more old school than some of the other offerings on the list, the Quaker Oats made cereal recently made its triumphant return to grocery stores in 2012. 50% of it is awesome, 50% of it tastes like cardboard. If you have never eaten Quisp, you need to get on it. That doesn’t mean this list isn’t definitive though, because we used, like, super serious science/decades of eating it to put it together. Strawberry Pops are a Kelloggs cereal that are only available in South... 3. When measured by weight, 41.4 percent of the cereal is sugar. Can you guess which made the top 3?. However it isn’t nearly as special as you remember. There should be a statue at the United Nations to the man or woman who looked at unsweetened breakfast... 4. Trix is for kids because they are probably too sweet to justify eating them frequently as an adult, which knocks it down. Frosted Flakes Strawberry Pops Cereal From South Africa. Because they are so small, Cocoa Pebbles can really fill your spoon, giving you a much more complete,... 3. (Don’t freak out Monster Cereals fans, one of them made the top 5.). Chex are a better snack, but we’re ranking cereals here. It might seem sacrilegious to have this out of the top 10, but Cap’n Crunch has a major, major problem: it gets soggy right away. What was the original sales pitch for this? Top 10 Breakfast Cereals America Wished They Had 1. 10. All it takes to jump over 30 spots is to add some dried sweet strawberries, which totally transforms the entire flavor. Cheerios make a really good base for a good cereal, which is what this variation is. Obviously. Not every cereal works with chocolate, but this is much better than the original. Because they are so small, Cocoa Pebbles can really fill your spoon, giving you a much more complete, satisfying bite than most cereals. An amazing cereal that isn’t terrible for you to eat. In honor of on March 7 being National Cereal Day, we put together the top best sellers, according to Chicago-based market research firm Information Resources, Inc. Is … When you want Raisin Bran, there is no other cereal that will satisfy you. A perfect balance of peanut butter, so it tastes great without being too sweet. Yesterday’s power ensemble… Hydra cufflinks, a 12 year old Glenmorangie, and dog-riding-bicycle socks. 27 Breakfast Cereals Ranked From Worst To Best. Part of HuffPost Food & Drink. Release Date: 1965. Yes, that seems an appropriate place to start this weeks blog, as we round up our Top 5 American Cereals. They’re still tasty, but they have a really unusual texture, and it’s strange to eat them if you’re over the age of 12 or sober. Plus that is the best mascot for any product I can think of. The 10 Best Rice Cereals 19,927 reviews scanned The 10 Best Bran Cereals The honey-flavored oat clusters are some of the best bites of food you’ll find in any meal. These are the Best American Cereals you can buy. One vote per cereal per day. BakeryandSnacks has spooned IRI data to compile a tasty list of the top 10 best-selling US ready-to-eat cereals. This list has absolutely nothing to do with health benefits -- there is a lot of sugar present. I’ll never get tired of this place. Fruit Loops 8. Lucky Charms 7. Everyone has a favorite kind — but do you know what the top-selling cereals are in the United States? That is why they are the worst of the best. Honey Nut Cheerios; Frosted Flakes; Raisin Bran; Cap’n Crunch; Cinnamon Toast Crunch; Frosted Mini-Wheats; Lucky Charms; Rice Krispies; Apple Jacks; Froot Loops; I’m not too surprised that Honey Nut Cheerios is No. There’s really no reason to ever buy regular Cheerios when these are on the shelf. I will never understand what makes these weird little boxes of grains taste so delicious. Click here and make it 200. Look, you can throw rocks at me about this if you want to, but I know there are other secret Grape-Nut lovers out there with me. Fancy Wheaties but still blah. By Kacey Culliney. Those marshmallows are ethereal, but could they possibly find a way to make the wheat shapes, These taste like eating a bowl of graham crackers in milk. Cocoa Pebbles Nothing like a bowl of grape-flavored pebbles to start your day off on the worst foot. We’re sticking to the most famous ones–unless we feel like including a type we are fond of. Lots of cereal variations are better than the original, but this is a case of reverse engineering falling short. These somehow managed to be a perennial favorite in my house, despite the fact that they weren't loaded with sugar. Life is pretty good, much better than actual life. There should be a statue at the United Nations to the man or woman who looked at unsweetened breakfast flakes and said, “Let’s just cover them entirely in sugar.”. Delicious, satisfying crunch, and they hold for the entire bowl. Raisins. One of the best variations ever made. Who was sitting around saying, “You know I like waffles, but what if we made them hard as a rock, then served them in milk where they immediately got soggy?”. This top 10 breakfast cereal company is a 100% non-GMO verified healthy cereal brands and has an annual revenue of more than $80 million and a net profit of around $28 million in 2017. Obviously I am aware of the fact that this is a disgusting choice. Just to be clear: none of the cereals below are bad or "worst." The only real complaint with Cocoa Puffs is you have to give them a chance to slightly soften up in the milk, but once they do this is a fantastic cereal. Happy National Cereal Day! Honey Bunches Of Oats 5. Also gets better the more you eat it. Featured Image: Kellogg’s, Post Consumer Brands, Alpha will be closing on March 31. What it is though is one of the best cereals out there, with a great mix of different flavors and textures. Today, I'm tackling the best cereals, in order. “Here’s some unsweetened wheat to eat, and it’s shredded so it will feel like chewing on hard grass.”. Lucky Charms. Our team comes from totally opposite corners of the country, we're all a few years apart from each other in age and grew up in wildly different households. Unsurprisingly, General Mill’s famous marshmallow-filled cereal makes the list of the worst cereals. Recipes and more delivered to your inbox. 10) Golden Crisp. You know how sometimes you just say, “Screw it, I don’t care if I can fit in my bathing suit this summer?” Well this is the cereal you buy after you do. Guess what thing we all did? Like Boo Berry, but with a slightly less disgusting–yet still totally unappetizing–strawberry flavor. 10. Get any of the iconic and Retro American Cereals today. The top cereal combined with some milk is the perfect choice to start your day, so use this list of the best breakfast cereals to get out of your breakfast rut and try something new! In honor of National Cereal Day, here are my Top 10 Breakfast Cereals (considered and voted on by 12 year old me since it’s been that long… The berries are a little too sweet in a cereal that is perfectly sweetened to start. You really need a foundation, but can’t live in it because that’s just a hole. All rights reserved.