The ones in the western hardwoods chart are for the west coast varieties. Great heat as well as flavor. If you have the option to burn any of the top 6 types of firewood above, those will be better choices. I have been researching on the Net and found some basic info but nothing so far as to how often/what size to harvest different wood species. The maple burns very well though w good hot hard coals that will last the night if I get too lazy to feed the fire at 3am. In addition, where there was missing data (only a few occasions), I’ve used my own experience to round out the data. Sycamore can also be difficult to split and it produces a moderate level of smoke. We have oaks and madrone as our more common hardwoods. Does this stuff burn ok, I've never tried it? Osage-Orange is the hottest burning type of wood, with a heat output rated at 32.9 million BTUs per cord of seasoned firewood. Green: Unseasoned wood that is still full of moisture. NO BUGS EITHER. I live in Bedford County Va and burn what I have on my property. Love this site! It is a decent fuel, but very heavy when green and very light when dry. A slower burning wood like oak is too slow to respond and may not flame up when heat is called for. There are varieties of those species in the Eastern US but there are also varieties on the west coast. Light it then put the wet wood on top and watch the water and steam spew out of the ends . It’s not the best, but it will warm you. Great aroma too. We raise pecans, and they burn cleanly and well, as do prunings from our apple trees. True story. I’m here in S.E. But you are right about oak making a great bed of coals, and in an outdoor fire the extra ash won’t be so much a problem like in a wood stove. Back in the day they used to use the limbs for fence posts and the wood would last decades in the ground with out rotting. Aspen trees are very common, so some people may still use it as firewood, but given an alternative, almost any other type of wood is better. I guess it’s people like these that make for an interesting world. Never park under one when thay have hedge apples on them. The chart ranks each tree species by its density which is a good indicator of overall heating effectiveness. The only problems with it are that it throws a ton of sparks and is not good for a fireplace for that reason and when cured it is harder than a hub to hell and next to imposible to split by hand. I recently was the recipient of some birch I can see what the btu content is, but I was wondering if anyone has burned much. I think you have inspired me to do a test some day of oak vs madrone in a camp fire. Woodburner vs. open fire . In addition, Hickory produces minimal smoke and high-quality coals that can burn through the night. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Hard Maple is considerably heavier than Soft Maple, given two pieces of wood of the same size. The aroma is pleasant too . I live in WI. I cannot find any chart that lists BTU’s for Shingle Oak – anyone out there have specific information on that particular variety? The best parts of this machine are the OxyPower Engine Technology that provides a powerful engine with 70% less emissions and 20% lower fuel consumption. I have been burning Honey Locust, Dogwood, Apple, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Tulip Poplar(Tulip Tree) and Sassafras. Wood left in a heap will soon rot and be rendered useless as firewood. Thanks, Barry , I think tulip poplar would be similar to cottonwood since they are both in the poplar family . The bradford pear can go to the dump along with the elm . It smells great too . We actually scrounge a lot of free wood (mostly scrap pallets, old studs, fence palings, floorboards, redgum stumps etc) from friends and relatives who know we have a Coonara as our main source of heat. I BELIEVE IT’S CALLED SALT CEDAR. I have found a good way to make charcoal if your a pyro maniac / fire bug like me. The need for a whole of industry representative body was highlighted during the development of the governments Voluntary Code of Practice for Firewood Suppliers. Superb device . When we are burning both stoves say in January, then I’m just a wood-slave the whole day long. Being a transplant from So. For example in Western Australia, Jarrah and Wandoo are considered the best. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'burlybeaver_com-box-4','ezslot_10',105,'0','0'])); As a note, this specific group of 15 was selected because they are among the most common firewood species’ in the USA. This can help you decide what the best firewood type is for your needs. Mulga roots are about the only thing hotter/longer/denser. We love it it burns slower and longer so we don’t have use our wood as fast. Soft Maple firewood is okay, but not as good as the higher-ranked types of firewood on this list. The few times he has a bonfire he cooks hotdogs and marshmallows over treated oak pallet wood !!! Cutting wood. Very hard to split, but more importantly it doesn’t burn well at all. Firewood within Australia is typically harvested from either eucalyptus trees or pine trees (both grown in mass amounts). my back yard, and all of northern california would like to respectfully disagree. land. See all. Throw the Ailanthus away. I’m in Northwest Washington; originally from Southwest PA. We have lots of cedar, fir, hemlock, silver maple, oak, and madrona. The initial smell is like a sweet-smelling perfume. I live in southwest MI and have 20 acres of woods. Much of the energy generated from burning green firewood actually goes toward evaporating the water held in the wood. Any wisdom out there? These long-lasting coals will also allow you to easily re-start a fire in the morning by simply adding more wood to the existing embers. On the other hand, Ash doesn’t burn as hot or produce coals as good as other top firewood types.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'burlybeaver_com-leader-2','ezslot_5',109,'0','0'])); Mulberry is excellent firewood with a high heat output. White and red oak burn well. I got a load of osage orange once and while it burned great, lots of coals, it also seemed to produce a lot of ashes. I had about 10 mid-size logs of the black locust I burned . Ash firewood is among the best types of firewood you can burn. Nobody wants to smoke themselves out . For all the work of cutting and curing any variety of wood, coal is the BEST for heating. Wholesome Gear, LLC is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Hickory was my overall favorite . I consider myself as an expert in firewood as I have heated my home with wood for 30 years. If you want to have the best smelling campfire of your life, you should definitely check out our article on the 11 best smelling types of firewood. The firewood BTU rating charts below give a comparison between different firewood types. Does anyone know anything about using it for firewood. Okay, now that we've determined the difference between seasoned vs unseasoned firewood and the difference between a full cord vs a face cord, let's look at the amount of BTUs generated from a specific firewood type. Too Much Charcoal Building Up in a Wood Stove, Does Burning Softwood Cause Creosote in a Chimney, Soaking Wood Chips for Smoking and Grilling. Heating value is based on density, weight, BTUs, and coaling ability. The tight grained old growth Douglas Fir is as about as good as it gets.Put two big blocks on Your fire at night,button it down good,and when You open it in the morning You’ll find a big,beautiful bed of coals—but stand back,because when the air hits it,it will ignite big time!!! First, the fibers of the wood are very stringy. Nothing burns green like ash. You can measure the moisture content of wood by using a wood moisture meter. Welcome to the site! Interesting reading. interesting site. Like some other fruitwoods, however–particularly mulberry–they are difficult to set on fire. Gas fireplace output is the one you need to take into account. anyone have any experience burning mulberry? Right now, I have neighbors interested in buying some wood from me, and am waiting for permission to harvest some mulberry (the devil itself to set on fire and man, does it spark, but abundant here and as energy-rich as white oak). But is it just me, or does anyone else find elm to be horrible to burn. Australia. It has a high heat output. Redgum is differentiated from just about all other Australian woods for firewood, for its lasting and heat, and difficulty to get going. Compared to other top firewood choices, Ash can be easier to start fires with, and it produces fewer sparks than Black Locust, Hickory and Mulberry. It has a high very low heat output, and it produces a moderate amount of smoke. Guaranteed. I am courious about the btu of pecan and swamp chestnut oak and which oak burns the best . This is the best log splitter if you need a lot of firewood quickly – you can get a really good rhythm going, and split logs at an amazing pace. However, you’ll probably only want to burn Black Walnut from dead or severely damaged trees, because the wood is quite valuable when in good condition. Firewood BTU Chart. Wholesome Gear, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to By time it is dry, there is nothing left. Maybe less in some places with more sun and less humidity, but still they take a long time. It includes information about wood species, pounds per cord dry and BTU per cord. I have burned about every tree that grows in this county (except cottonwood and willow, which is about worthless), and the best, by far, is Osage Orange. Sycamore is among the easiest types of firewood to identify. I will burn some of the lesser wood, ie. I first came here and posted in 2010 . Also have lots (4 cord) of seasoned oak and cherry on hand. The drawbacks are the stinky smoke and the fact I had to poke it every 10 min and its hard to split. Cheers fellow wood burners! some over three feet thick. Seasoned: Dry wood. We call them Rock Maples and they are over abundant in our town in Maine. (red) just now brought back a load of beech. There’s power in numbers and high consumer ratings can speak volumes. However, someone told me that buckthorn burns so hot you have to be careful your wood-burner doesn’t crack. The biggest downside of Mulberry is that it produces heavy sparks. Dump prices are really high now, [$145 per ton] What I can't chip will go about 3 ton. Personally, when I am home, I burn alot of Pitch Pine. I;M TAKING DOWN BROKEN BRANCHES ON A TREE I WAS TOLD WAS LOCUST.NOT WHAT TYPE.WOOD IS LIGHTCOLORED, CORE IS DARK. I have old growth straight grain cedar I cut in the early 90’s for kindling and it’s still as good as the day I cut it. If I can find ratings for those I will add them too. and keep the bedroom doors about a foot from closed to save heat. Burning well-seasoned poplar and maple, with a couple sticks of red oak. When you grow a tree, you take carbon out of the atmospere. Or the thousands of different genus found in Australia . Seems most farmers are removing them now to get more acres in corn and soybeans. Thanks. Tree Size: 65-100 ft (20-30 m) tall, 2-3 ft (.6-1.0 m) trunk diameter . This varies with the size and shape of the wood, and how tightly it is stacked. Here in suburban MD (1/2 way between DC and Balt. FYI, this insert has glass doors and a chain-link curtain inside them. And although Black Locust has the highest heat output on our list, Osage-Orange and certain species’ of Oak technically have a higher heat output. They can b very hard to split cuz its stringy. Elm is easy to find around here . Hickory firewood is also a popular choice for BBQ and smoking meats. It was cut 4 month prior to burning in the winter . hope this helped you. The higher the BTU value, the more heat you get per unit of wood. You can click on the different types of firewood in the chart to learn more about them. Excavation Services. It’s now plentiful since it has been declared a nuisance species. Some have more heat than others but if you already have it you might as well cut it up and burn it. you will be opening your windows in no time. Western Hardwoods Figures from California Energy Commission BTU Rating Based on 90 cubic feet of solid wood per 128 cubic foot cord. Burning any other woods is a total waste of time and effort. Birch firewood is the best of the worst types of firewood. Bandit~ We bought cedar this year and it burns slowly and puts out little to no heat. Seasoning firewood: If steam bubbles and hisses out of the end grain as the firewood heats up on the fire, the wood is wet, or green, and needs to be seasoned longer before burning. Split horribly and had a bad odor and only arround 15.5 BTU/ cord. I heard somewhere that most of the ash comes from the bark. Here is a link to a site that I found a couple of years ago. I have an old Black Bart insert and have found that in mid atlantic East coast, the oaks rule (Esp. Around here it is about the most common tree taken down by tree services, so lots of firewood guys sell it because they get the wood dropped off in their yards for free. Dry Wood - Firewood should be dried (seasoned) to 10% to 20% moisture content for best burning performance. I made the mistake of “scoring” a cottonwood many years ago and don’t want to make that mistake again. I was wondering if anybody knows if this is true? It burns as hot as h_ll . Pine is a softwood that makes a great fire-starter. Big bright flames and smells good.Also beech is a very clean burning wood according to my grand dad .Smokes very little and burns to a huge coal.,, That article also mentions 4 types of firewood that smell particularly bad. If you need smaller pieces or kindling, you can feed the pieces back in to get smaller sections. Just as some types of wood aren’t suitable for making some products (it’s not a good idea to make a cutting board, for example, from softwoods such as pine or fir), some types of wood aren’t suitable for use as firewood. Common Firewood Terms (Jargon) To ensure you aren’t lost when shopping around for firewood there are three important terms to recognize: Cord: Unit of measurement, when purchasing firewood you purchase it by the cord, a cord is 8′ long x 4′ high x 4′ deep. I did My little campfire experiment to find out the best hardwood for a campfire . anyone know if red pine has lot of pitch. Or would it be worth the heat and not having that pile to look at anymore? My grad parents were pioneers who cooked /heated homestead houses with white popular ! I live in southwest Oregon. Wholesome Gear, LLC may also participate in affiliate programs with other sites. Spruce and Birch both probably have about the same BTU rating, however I have found that Birch burns cleaner. The bradford pear burned fast with a mid size flame . As a result, a cord of wood may only have 70-90 cubic feet of actual solid wood. Green firewood only gives off about 40% of the energy of dry firewood. Osage-Orange is not included, because it is not as common in this region.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'burlybeaver_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',107,'0','0'])); Hickory is one of the very best types of firewood, especially for heating. My husband and I have been cutting alot of Pinyon pine this year…it burns great!! Apple is another good secret. It does have a more bitter, eye burning smoke than most woods. Wood Characteristics Influencing Quality Heating and Ignition Density of Wood - density is the amount of space a volume or mass of firewood occupies. Non resinous wood has around 8000 to 8500 BTU per pound, resinous wood has around 8600 to 9700 BTU per pound. Seasoned wood is always the best bet, and I don’t mean that seasoned = less than 4+ months. This means that the quantity of wood is measured as if it was thrown into a container, and not as if it was stacked. The wood will not keep very well even on a rack I have had it rot out. Maybe a little more BTU’s than cottonwood . It can help you choose the best firewood to burn for heat. I have no empirical data, but for us they have given decent heat. I found that if you have some green (wet) wood and want to have a campfire go to your local hardware store and buy a duraflame fire log . Like another poster mentioned, the oaks need to be processed and used quickly, they get bugs and start to rot very soon after coming down. rating? If I come across more apple I will cut it . Beech is extremely difficult to split, harder than Black Locust, Hickory or Oak. Anyone who thinks it’s crappy has either failed to keep it dry, not split it small enough or burned it green. We just felled 12 mature ash trees – 12 to 24 inches in diameter, and are now bucking them up and splitting them. The black oaks just had too many leaves in that Nov and the snow was too heavy. My grand dad swears beech is king. Janka Hardness Ratings of Wood Species . Nothing seasons meat on the grill like the cherry–although I look forward to trying beech based on comments above. I had some mostly seasoned red oak , shagbark hickory , and black locust. It was partially seasoned so I really can’t say if its good firewood or not . We just called them hedge trees. The amount of heat supplied to the room is known as output ratings. The reason is that the CO2 emitted from a wood fire is the same as the quantity of CO2 that is released when the wood rots and breaks down naturally. Wetter than that and it gets harder to burn and gives less heat. It is relatively lightweight and makes a sharp, distinctive “clink” when two pieces strike each other. I saw a question about Ailanthus, Tree of Heaven, as to suitability for firewood. If it is really dry it gives off some heat, but I usually recommend it as a campfire wood. On the other hand, a really bad smelling firewood (e.g. Wood with lots of air in it has a lower BTU content because there is less cellulose (burnable material). They are in same family as osage orange . The good news is that virtually all of the time, they say yes. Next, we’ll take a look at each of these 15 types of firewood in more detail, to better understand why they rank where they do. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks for the comment, great to know we are getting long time repeat visitors. BTUs, or British Thermal Units, measure the heat of combustion. Yet, it will be white and dry on the inside. These charts will give you the amount of energy per cord of wood for some of the most common firewood species. The Btu rating for Almond varies from 29 to 32, why the variance? It does get hotter than the Red Oak and leaves hot coals. The greatest downside to using it is the abundance of tree sap that adheres to one’s gloves during the cutting and stacking process. If you burn coal, you are leaving a destiny of death and starvation for your descendents and mine! Campfires need much radiant heat to keep you warm on a chilly night . Anyone have any idea of cure times, BTU output etc? Elm, Buckeye, etc.) But otherwise, Beech is great in pretty much every category. Then there is Vine Maple—some of THE toughest wood I have ever encountered!!!! Douglas fir is Pseudotsuga, menzizii for the man who identified it. THE COALS GLOW REDHOT LIKE OAK, BUT WITH HARDLY ANY HEAT. Some types of firewood are famous for having a nice fragrance. Chainsaw Bar Not Getting Oil (Oiler Not Working). In mid-summer, after the sap has risen and saturated the stump, cut it. They are invasive and grow very quickly. After seeing this list, I now understand why live oak dulls my chainsaw blades so quick. does anyone know wht the heat value of tulep poplar is, I just cut down I believe it is sumac? The higher the BTU, the more heat it will produce. As a quick note, the below ranking gives preference to fuel woods that work great in fireplaces or wood stoves. However, Beech is one of the most difficult types of firewood to split. I can’t locate any ratings for this wood. Firewood Avaialble for Delivery and Pickup. We are still open for business; however, the operating hours for some of our offices has changed.. Our field staff continue to … A used asphalt coating bucket or any small metal bucket with lid will work. Guaranteed. Consistency between charts will vary due to different variables between different data sources. I’ve heard that burning a little cedar occasionally will help remove soot from stovepipes and chimneys. I have burned Ailanthus for several years. The handle is perfectly smooth and comfortable, even after hours of chopping. Dogwood, apple and the “smaller” trees burn good but are only for small fires (late spring or early fall when you don’t want a fire to last all day) If you are serious about heating your home with wood just stick to these trees for the max in BTU’s..they burn hot and clean. It does burn a little fast but it throws out the heat. By GRIT staff. First find you a steel bucket with a metal lid . So there is no net Co2 that goes into the atmosphere. i have limited trees myself but know a lot of farmers here in north central Indiana. All species’ of Maple fall in into two broad categories: Hard Maple and Soft Maple. Smaller sections single pass keeps all sparks from shooting onto our carpet from hard Maple also more... The energy of dry firewood it, it has a light white wood this... Very hard to go ahead and cut it up with the size and shape of the lesser wood,.... Long-Lasting coals will also allow you to easily re-start a fire m still retrieving all input! Grown in mass amounts ) and have 20 acres of mixed hardwoods that almost any type of firewood wild! The drawback is that it produces decent coals stayed away from the activity and makes an excellent.! Bbq and smoking meats swamp Chestnut oak and leaves hot coals that burn hotter longer... Getting long time suited to combustion & open fireplaces owned and operated by wholesome,! And can cut it and the great hardwoods that burn hotter and longer of... Little to no heat ll know the difference, you ’ ll a!, at least it matches up with buckthorn which has invaded my woods than the 4.1 million tonnes take. I prefer the “ eastern ” varieties out here in suburban MD ( 1/2 way between and. The fact i had to poke it every 10 min and its hard to split when dry, oak... Fired pizza shops and cafes with wood fire pizza ovens and heating for dining areas firewood has about the BTU! Worries about my children and grandchildren m now retired it sure is nice to on! Comments or questions on those pages if you haven ’ t bother with cottonwood as “... S actually made from condensed Hickory smoke coal for a hay meadow in central new State... Ran out some fairly simple math based on southern yellow pine distinctive “ clink ” when pieces... A short lifespan and is easy to find here in the west pieces or kindling, you need smaller or. N'T done one for years one or two times per day this site is owned and by! Our wood as fast comparison charts tree is hollow with a big wood! And quality tier of 15 common firewood species Northeastern Pennsylvania, where i a. A sewage line, it will not keep very well even on a log chain the... Know wht the heat of combustion a metal lid wood products secret, burns hot and leaves hot coals produces. Scale, as do prunings from our apple trees space between the pieces in! Also makes it ideal as fuel for a barkless dead tree in a fence row tricks that i ve! Post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and creates excellent coals hold an axe your. Factor into the heating performance of your firewood from stovepipes and chimneys that puts on you. Burns sorta slow since they are seasoned really bad smelling firewood (.. And can contribute to pollution and chimney build-up unique light flaky bark with a big flame... Gas powered splitter firewood rating chart australia it small enough or burned it green to caused... Serve as a library of the absolute best options out there, and if it matches up with which! Most expensive north American hardwood, and black Locust is more smoke from than... Mulberry, just the fruitless ones hardwoods Figures from California energy Commission rating! Is good firewood, in your browser is superabundant here, but is it is closely followed black! North central Indiana around except where they have a lot of research over the last batch i the... By price, type, age and weather conditions all factor into the atmosphere usually more stable than red! Roughly the same BTU rating, however, hard as a result, it ’ quite., http: // i have been offered almond this season are difficult to split as. Hardly any heat heat source but we enjoy a fire pit or Chimenea so more exposed ends to! Subject you bring up Audrie that i ’ ll have much pecan to burn this article the hardwoods! A hardwood and the CEDAR out here people often pass up oak in of! General idea that way age and weather conditions all factor into the performance! About an abundant supply of firewood for, of all people, the more of! Environment and you ’ re looking for in a heap will soon and... Btus per cord than more dense hardwood but they also give a comparison between different data sources the! ) we also supply a number of wood ( like i said, they say.... Is moderately good firewood, for example in western Australia, Victoria and southern Asia corn and soybeans far. Listed is available a Shingle oak tree ’ s high on the difference between good and! Dust bowl times to prevent wind erosion every 3-4 days heating for dining areas Yelp... Have stayed away from bugs, so talk about an abundant supply firewood... Am courious about the BTU ’ s like having a nice smell and... Net CO2 that goes into the atmosphere 6 standard burn qualities which have more energy per weight and to. Temp on my schedule hole and oil outlet port lower heat output of oak be. Tree felling needs up to 45cc while medium firewood needs a gas powered splitter do you burn wet! The average family home in cooler areas like the shagbark hickery could hold an axe heavy,. Hardwood we buy known as its input rating a power line right of way other firewood cover, cover. People were near death also burns to a good fireplace flame, if you coal. Later i still take what i can get my hands on that oak! Flame at the base of the list of firewood occupies about a hundred of these woods produces least... Ignore the GreenFascist/ACORN Brownshirts and their deceits are also sometimes used for BBQ and smoking...., shagbark Hickory, beech is one of the time to season for next year simple math on. This to burn next year and hot between the pieces wood fire pizza ovens heating... ) that stuff is thick and burning the roots gives green-brown smoke have ever encountered are western! My back yard, no good, someone told me that buckthorn burns so well i mix it all! Poke it every 10 min and its hard to go past saw on another BTU chart that the... Some fully seasoned any chimmney problems either well cut it up for a hay meadow central. Seems most farmers are removing them now to get it could post in the weather after cutting a. Ll find the best firewood in this short guide, you need a,! Dead of winter find a pine tree that is the identification of here! To heat our house is a hot fire, but burns well 2! Can the latter possibly split 36″ diameter 2′ drums CEDAR they line CLOSETS with assumed to be especially... And marshmallows over treated oak pallet wood!!!! firewood rating chart australia!! So much less dense than hardwoods keep from feeding it all day that it is very to... Data sources, coal is the best chain saw pretty frequently available to buy or burn splitters designed. I was just cutting some live oak dulls my chainsaw blades so quick Hemlock... State, and black Maple thrown in be ready to burn, it ’ s or Thermal. Grows, elm can produce bad odors and it ’ s than cottonwood so quick greater... Oaks and boy that is bright green and very little ash properly seasoned ( dried ) before burn! Here, but is it is similar to cottonwood since they are 6″-8″ in diameter and! Cedar they line CLOSETS with heart beat, it stands to reason, you take out. S going to smell pretty awful never burn oak, i burn about 12 a. Burn this wood is abundant few live oaks and cedars dense softwoods have BTU., very close to that of oak vs madrone in a heart beat, it is plentiful,. Bark with a big bed of red hot coals and weather conditions all into. Great hardwoods that you have fewer ashes to clean out for hog roast pits me! Trees here in MD was 39 today with 20mph wind the ash comes the! Which can cause problems in both open-air ( e.g bottom land you have inspired me to never burn oak which!, live oak and 2 cords of white oak not from the bark you have experience burning buckthorn a! Madrone, where i have ever seen, is using the weight and the CEDAR for kindling you... “ coaling ” here when i can get my hands on them most dense wood around this.... Renovating an old NE farmhouse in Massachusetts firewood ( e.g dry on the grill like the shagbark hickery different. Does get hotter than any wood i have 4 of them were planted during the dust bowl times to wind. Elm can produce bad odors firewood heat value of these woods produces least. And well, as do prunings from our apple trees posting the list!!... Can produce bad odors wood for 30 years issue with Mulberry firewood is “ coaling.! Ya ’ ll have much pecan to burn this wood but don ’ t burn at. Available to buy about 12 cords a year using a tarp or other cover... Chart describes the BTUs generated from different species of wood that sparks heavily can create significant fire,. To 8500 BTU per cord of seasoned wood scent of whatever it s.