whisper example sentences. Similar English verbs: stoop, utter, suit How to use stage whisper in a sentence. Whisper definition is - to speak softly with little or no vibration of the vocal cords especially to avoid being overheard. “The experience of spending time on whisper is unlike any other: 31. A vivid verb is a verb that a reader will find more interesting and is more specific to the common, verbs we use all the time, like "walk". Reference Menu. (2) This thesis focuses on verb phrase ellipsis construction (VP ellipsis ) in coordinate sentences and the relevant antecedent-contained deletion structure (ACD) in relative clauses in Chinese. Example sentences with the word whisper. iii. cover example sentences. verb phrase (1) Subcategorization for noun phrases and verb phrases of all types. Vivid verbs or common verbs. This set of PDF worksheets allows KS2 children to explore more ambitious vocabulary for their own writing. Whisper a verb to the first student in each line (the “conductor”) and a pronoun or noun to the last student (the “caboose”). See more. How to use whisper in a sentence. use the following verbs correctly in writing correct inverted sentences. Each task – understand, explain, challenge, test, apply – explores how choosing more powerful synonyms for everyday verbs can change the meaning of a sentence, and give writing more impact. Examples of vivid verbs in a sentence Using the common verb "walk" in a sentence Definition of whisper written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. 32. whisper definition is - to speak softly with little or no vibration of the vocal cords especially to avoid being overheard. And it wasn't there. Stage whisper definition is - a loud whisper by an actor that is audible to the spectators but is supposed for dramatic effect not to be heard by one or more of the actors. You may use either the base form or -s form of the given verbs .. 1.stand/ stands 2.whisper/whispers 3.speak/speaks 4. sing/sings How to use whisper in a sentence. Read on for some great ideas for verb games. whisper verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons. How to use whisper in a sentence. I didn't find any phrasal verb … I checked whether the verb 'whisper' has a pattern like 'whisper in/into ... ' or 'whisper + preposition/adverb' at the given meaning. The members of his suite, guessing at once what he wanted, moved about and whispered as they passed something from one to another, and a page--the same one Rostov had seen the previous evening at Boris'--ran forward and, bowing respectfully over the outstretched hand and not keeping it waiting a moment, laid in it an Order on a red ribbon. 2. By using vivid verbs, will help you avoid repeating the same (common) verb in your writing. Whisper definition, to speak with soft, hushed sounds, using the breath, lips, etc., but with no vibration of the vocal cords. Search the definition and the translation in context for “whisper”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication. I supposed that it could be an optionally separable phrasal verb (based only on the structure. 33. How to use cover in a sentence. Verb games can help teach all about how to use verbs in a sentence. 1. Example sentences with the word cover. The conductor verbally passes the verb down their lines.

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